The bestselling science fiction thriller about humanity’s escape from climate collapse and the struggle for survival on a fantastic but dangerous planet.
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Meet Germany's #1 female indie author for science fiction

Jona Sheffield is not only a best-selling science fiction author, but also an entrepreneur, climate activist, and mother of three. Get to know her better.


Bestseller at Amazon

4.4 of 5 stars at 1400+ reviews


Absolute climate collapse, deadly government conspiracies and the departure to a distant planet!  more...

Available as ebook, paperback and audio book

for only 2.99 $


Bestseller at Amazon

4.4 of 5 stars at 1100+ reviews

Book 2: WAR

A new home planet, alien life forms, but also new and old enemies. The struggle for the survival of mankind continues!  more...

Available as ebook, paperback and audio book

for only 3.99 $


Bestseller at Amazon

4.3 of 5 stars at 800+ reviews

Book 3: RETURN

Not only the survival of mankind is at stake, but the fate of all life in the universe we know!  more...

Available as ebook, paperback and audio book

for only 3.99 $

"SCI FI THRILLER of the year"

Bestseller at Amazon

4.4 of 5 stars at 800+ reviews

PROJECT EDEN: Lumera Thriller 4

Two species, two planets, one conflict - and one hope. The survival of humans on Earth and peace on Lumera depend on the success of Project Eden. Will it succeed? more...

Available as ebook, paperback and audio book

for only 3.99 $



Bestseller at Amazon

4.5 of 5 stars at 500+ reviews

PRION: Lumera Thriller 5

They sought peace - but found a weapon. Who can you trust when friends become enemies? Who will press the red button first? A nerve-wracking poker game begins... more...

Available in March as ebook, paperback, hard cover and audio book

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What hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic readers say about Lumera

4.4 of 5 Sternen at 5,000+ reviews at Amazon and Audible:


Lumera Expedition - Survive has everything a good science fiction story needs: Jona Sheffield combines in it disaster thriller, science fiction, dystopia, adventure novel, justice drama and does not shy away from ethical issues.

A compelling and top entertaining dystopian science fiction thriller.

Silke Schroeder



A fascinating and exciting story!

I read a lot of science fiction and find this book to be one of the best stories I've come across. I look forward to the next books by Jona Sheffield.

Dominik Thom

reader, Amazon


A sensational book, from beginning to end.

There was (not like most books) not a single passage that I quickly skimmed.




A very readable book, well written, stirring.

It presents a vision of the future that is not so improbable - with sometimes dramatic images. The book shakes you up, and that's what it's supposed to do.


book blogger


What a book!

The only fiction here is technical progress. Everything else is absolutely realistic and I'm sure that's exactly how it would happen. (Or will) The technology imagined here is remarkable and totally excites me. And it hits the human nature to the point, to abuse all this ingenuity and to cover up everything. That's exactly how it works in our society! Exactly like this! Because there's always someone who thinks they have to play God now. And because there are always some who want to make a business out of an emergency situation.

I love it already - the scene on Lumera is simply enchanting - and I'm curious where it will lead. So far, you've just nailed it. Thanks.


reader, Lovelybooks


I am really excited.

Even though at my biblical age of 37 I am no longer a direct participant in Fridays for Future, this has made me even more aware of climate change. And when I read the description here, it appealed to me directly and I bought it.

In advance: If you're busy the next few evenings, you might want to wait a bit before buying it, because I couldn't put it down.

Nicklas Loewenstein

bestselling author

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